New publication: Collecting Bag in Interweave's Knitting Traditions Magazine


Excuse me as I get a little squeal in (eee!!!), but I received my new issue of Knitting Traditions magazine by Interweave and it's so cool to see my work within its pages! 

If you're unfamiliar with this magazine, it is a treasure. Each issue focuses on a time period and features articles on all kinds of topics from that era, with knitting patterns accompanying the stories. This issue tells the story of the turn of the 20th century and hits on all kinds of amazing women's history (be still my heart!). I feel personally honored to have my Collecting Bag as the accompanying pattern for the Girl Scouts article. My mom was my scout leader and I LOVED my scouting days. 

The Collecting Bag is a roomy tote with a central bee motif worked in stranded knitting. The color changes on the sides are worked using an intarsia method. It sounds complicated, but it's pretty simple. The gussets add interior space and the lining/straps makes it nice and sturdy for anything you could hope to carry (or collect!). Why a bee, you ask? Two reasons: I was inspired by the beautiful depiction of insects in both the Art Nouveau style and in the work of my favorite poet, Emily Dickinson. I named it "Pedigree" in the proposal based this poem:

The pedigree of honey
Does not concern the bee ;
A clover, any time, to him
Is aristocracy.

It was, admittedly, a mid-century work instead of the early 1900s, but it is still a favorite. If you have any questions while working this one up, feel free to send me a message or go to my message board in Ravelry!

Store update: Tristania on pause and Scarfigan coupon!

Hey y'all! Quick store update here...

If you've been anticipating the re-release of Tristania, thank you! Your patience is much appreciated as she gets all polished up. The tech editor did her thing but I'm making a bit of a gauge change, so it'll be a little while longer to adjust all the numbers and knit a new sample for photography. School schedules and illnesses have added a bit of chaos around our house, but I'm thrilled to have one of my first full-ish days to get back into the swing! Normalcy is nice!

If you've also been eyeing the popular Scarfigan pattern, this is your chance to get 30% off! Use code SDCOMIC when purchasing through Ravelry until November 1, 2018. You can make any scarf that fits into your life and fandom, with instructions for Harry Potter, Dr. Who, and design-it-yourself options in the pattern!

My most active social media account is my Instagram, so click and follow for the most recent news and updates. Have a great week!  

New pattern release: MotoMama

It happened! MotoMama has been released into the wild. I have been smitten with the yarn (Tosh DK in Badlands) for so long and I feel like this pattern gave her the life she deserved. 

SO...allow me to introduce you to this hot tamale! MotoMama is a cropped motorcycle style bolero that will fit into anybody's wardrobe. It was conceptualized to be especially useful for stylish women during pregnancy, nursing, and beyond, as it is short enough to fit just over the belly and easy to lift or unbutton for breastfeeding! I only wish I had made it when I was expecting my boys! It has a double breasted front (no pun intended), buttons, a notched lapel, and a rounded back collar. Just like Tristania, this piece begs to journey with you regardless, and even in celebration, of your body's current state, and will make you feel awesome the whole way through.