Store update: Tristania on pause and Scarfigan coupon!

Hey y'all! Quick store update here...

If you've been anticipating the re-release of Tristania, thank you! Your patience is much appreciated as she gets all polished up. The tech editor did her thing but I'm making a bit of a gauge change, so it'll be a little while longer to adjust all the numbers and knit a new sample for photography. School schedules and illnesses have added a bit of chaos around our house, but I'm thrilled to have one of my first full-ish days to get back into the swing! Normalcy is nice!

If you've also been eyeing the popular Scarfigan pattern, this is your chance to get 30% off! Use code SDCOMIC when purchasing through Ravelry until November 1, 2018. You can make any scarf that fits into your life and fandom, with instructions for Harry Potter, Dr. Who, and design-it-yourself options in the pattern!

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