Make Knit Work! My Project Runway, Episode 3, Knitspiration

Welcome back! Here we are with a third installment of Make Knit Work (#makeknitwork), based off Project Runway Episode 3's challenge winner, Brandon! I confess, this may be my "I'm sorry, you're out" week. And on just the third episode! How embarrassing. LOL I had a tough time finding inspiration today, BUT - I am keeping to my format and bringing the ideas!

So, without further ado, here are my sketches for Episode 3. Design #1 is a cropped raglan sweater with a peekaboo cutout between the two upper black bands. It has a second waistband, attached to the first via loops or hoops of some sort, like the white loops in Brandon's coat. Design #2 is essentially the bottom of a tunic. It is made of two separate lace panels connected at the top via a waistband, with a connecting strap around the lower hip. There is an additional "over skirt" wrapped asymmetrically around the upper hip which contains a pocket for a few valuables. So, yes, I added a fanny pack. One day, we'll all wear one. Just you watch! Design #3 is probably the most interesting, but simple. It is a sleeveless top with a turtleneck and tiered shaping, one layer hanging over the one underneath, with the lowest layer increasing out to meet the width of the hip. I suppose it could also just go straight down and be open on the sides. That could be cool. Using variegated yarns would look interesting here, too. 

Enjoy! And please share your own designs on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #MakeKnitWork!