Make Knit Work: Episode 7

This week's challenge was menswear-inspired, which was a relief for (most of) the designers. No actual menswear today! Margarita Alvarez took on the shirt-dress with a little asymmetry and got the win. I'd wear it! For designing knitwear, though, I was thinking less about the dress shirt and more about the neckties. I love color and patterns. Ties weren't technically part of her dress, but I went with it. I'm glad I did. Here are the designs I sketched out!

Design #1 is a pullover sweater with a seamless yoke. The yoke is an array of necktie-inspired designs, which can really be taken in a multitude of directions. I went with stripes for the concept drawings because it got the point across, but you can get creative with it, for sure! 

Design #2 is a cowl which I'm tempted to take on for my next pattern once my super badass, awesome, killin' it cropped motorcycle jacket is complete. Basically, it's a bunch of thin cowl-length pieces with buttons down one edge and buttonholes down another. Several of these can button together to make a wider cowl. You can switch up colors and designs by swapping out strips. Seems fun and versatile, once you get all those buttons sewn on (ugh).

Design #3 is a vest, since that seems pretty menswear-y. The necktie idea comes into play as a horizontal design feature, where the points of the "ties" make this interesting geometric design. Alternating ties that feature color work with those that are monochromatic but textured makes it extra interesting. I want to make this one, too!  

Remember, if you want to participate, please share your sketches using the hashtag #MakeKnitWork on Instagram and Facebook!