All the excitement!

I'll tell ya one thing. This year has been far from boring! I sit here on March 9, writing a new blog post, but not being able to talk about much because my work is not for public consumption just yet. It's all very exciting to me, as I'm working on two patterns to be published this year! But, unfortunately, everything else gets put on the back burner. Even my 99% finished and tech edited and test knitted "MotoMama" cardigan languishes in the bin next to my office chair. But again. It's all very exciting. 

Not to be outdone, my brain decided that it was *too* much excitement and kicked into overdrive. Cue a week-long panic attack! It's all good, though, as it was the catalyst I needed to get some much needed anxiety management strategies going. One Zoloft prescription and regular therapy schedule later, I feel much better! Did y'all know that there are solutions out there? LOL It's an interesting time; we're straddling the line between continued stigma and forced discretion regarding mental health and an unabashed embrace of it. I have always fallen on the side of "let's talk about it!" Mentioning it here is not, to me anyway, an admission of weakness or an over-share or a cry for attention. It really is an exercise in normalization. Because it's normal and human and just fine. 

That said, I cannot wait to share the patterns I've been busting my hump over since the start of 2018. One will "drop" in May and the other...hmm...June? I will update the information when I get it. Until that time, please keep your eyes peeled (such an odd expression) for the release of MotoMama and sign up here to receive announcements as they come up! MWAH!

Make Knit Work: Episodes 9 & 10

Ok, so.....Project Runway. Gettin' down to the wire. Not without drama, though! I ended up not making one of these #MakeKnitWork posts for episode 8 because Claire's win was rescinded. I'm not going to comment on the twins, except to say that reality-show-justice was served and that should be that. They're still people. Everybody calm down. 

Ok! That said, here are episodes 9 and 10! Congrats to Michael and Ayana! Michael won the Shopkins avant garde challenge with his "melting disco ball." I liked the weird tube around her hips and took inspiration from that. My hooded jacket has puffy, stuffed, tube-like things across the body, around the bottom hem, and at the edge of the hood. The pullover has a giant cable traveling across the body, also echoing the tube thing in the original design, and an asymmetrical neckline. Something about asymmetry just speaks to me lately.

Sadly, Michael went home the following week, but Ayana won her second unconventional materials challenge! I liked the way she painted the hard hat and the construction of her skirt with the safety netting was incredible. I designed a hat with a layered, orange gradient, inspired by the hard hat. The hooded poncho is a very open mesh, like the skirt material, and the cardigan has graphic color patches down the front, much like the reflector pieces she applied to her bodice. After I drew it, I realized that entrelac would also be a good option for that. I love entrelac so much. One of these days, I'll find the perfect use for it! It will happen! haha

Have a great week, all! And don't forget to add the hashtag #MakeKnitWork if you post your own PR-inspired designs!